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Our parent company Handiman Services Ltd is a renowned Facility Management Services company that started operations in 1998 in Bangalore. It offers Housekeeping, Security, Electrical, Plumbing & Carpentry Maintenance services across 250+ sites to 150+ clients. Over the years, Handiman has launched multiple services that cater to corporate offices, factories, building complexes, townships and IT parks in various cities. Today it employs 2500+ people across 5 cities – Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Madurai, serving prestigious clients such as Bosch, Volvo, Scania, L&T, ITC and the Puravankara group. Visit us at


Experienced cleaning services in Bangalore has upheld the morality of offering quality based facilities to customers. Our services can be captured not only for domestic and commercial purposes but also in other professional’s conditions. When you move into a new accommodation the services of adequate personnel guarantee will give you the full satisfaction of residing in a cleaner, glittering living space.


A home is not only a place where the heart is, it is also where the family is in clean and safe. For the security of your family, complete cleaning is necessary. In our periodic lives, we compile a lot of germs, antibodies and dust from our surroundings. Especially in a country like India, our homes are lying down to many bacterial and virus attacks through germs that enter our residence. This is where professional home cleaning steps in.

Even if you are keeping your home clean and maintaining it daily but there are many parts of a home which gather dust. Unused corners, sofas, ceilings, light accessories etc. are dust collectors. Dust can lead to many diseases like respiratory problems, asthma, etc. It is also an eye-hurting to have a contaminated home. With a home cleaning service, you will not only safeguard cleanliness but also maintain your environment free of infections and germs.


A clean home reflects the perspective of those who live in it. A clean home is where the God also reside. Untidy surroundings carry infection and disease-causing germs. To avoid big medical bills it is best to spend the little amounts on professional cleaning for your home and keep infections away.

Our Upholstery is a business based in Bangalore. We provide upholstery service both domestic and commercial from our workshop. We work with all types of furniture, from sofas, chairs all of us are uniformly interesting.

The attraction about upholstery for us is the combination of hard work and the fine fragile details. It requires strength, agility and concentration, and we really give up ourselves in our jobs.

We find that our customers are getting strong when their work is done satisfied as they require. We here gained many hearts of the people by reaching them to their high satisfaction.