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Deep House cleaning

Handipro Services consider deep cleaning to be art by itself. Deep cleaning is the process of cleaning the house or office on a macro detailed level. A professional crew of trained specialists that are committed to deep clean your home or office in just 6-8 hours. Starting from the rails of the doors to blades of the Air-condition to inside of the oven, cupboards, closets and dusting from ceiling to floors.


Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Suits your requirements, we offer all type of kitchen cleaning services like regular kitchen deep cleaning. When we clean your spot, we remove a burnt element and fat deposits, ensuring all likely harmful bacteria is discharged. Our theme is to modernize full cleanliness and safety to extend the life of your precious kitchen equipment etc.A deep clean will also improve the sanitation which is important if you a have infants living in the house.


Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Handipro professionals use different strategies for deep cleaning the Bathrooms. We use specific chemicals for cleaning which does not cause any harm to fitting & fixtures which leaves the bathroom disinfected and looking bright and clean. Cleaning Includes bath tub, floor scrubbing, window glass cleaning, side tiles cleaning, closet cleaning & fixture cleaning, finish polishing, toilet bowl inside / outside cleaning, etc.