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Furniture Cleaning

Handipro provide chair cleaning services to home, offices and other commercial sectors by providing advanced cleaning facilities to meet our clients cleaning demands. You can trust our chair cleaning services. Our cleaners are specially trained and expert in all cleaning techniques for cleaning even difficult to clean materials including leather, silk, and all natural and synthetic fibers too. Get a fresh smelling, colour restored and prolonged life chairs.


Carpet Cleaning

Handipro takes care of all the stains, mud, and dirt from the carpet. Whether they are spots from spilled food or beverages, or by dirt tracked in by people and pets , Each carpet will be handled with care and cleaned only using non-harmful materials. We are clean all types of carpets: synthetic and woolen, silk, Iranian, hand-made etc. Our team of experts use best detergents and high quality equipment, which clean dirt and dust.


Sofa Cleaning

Handipro give the best, recommended solution for sofa cleaning. Ultra Violet treatment to kill germs and allergens. Dust Extraction using HEPA filter vacuum to extract dust and allergens. Using Shampoo Foam and moisture for effective cleaning and quick drying. Moisture extraction using injection-extraction machines.Vacuum using HEPA filter vacuum to extract dust and allergens. Cleaning using water-based cleaners.